Bois 1920 Come La Luna For Women Eau De Parfum 50ml

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Come La Luna" is a fragrance created by the Italian perfume house Bois 1920. This Eau de Parfum is designed for women and is known for its unique and captivating scent profile.

Fragrance Family: Oriental Floral

Top Notes:

  • The fragrance opens with a bright and zesty burst of citrus notes, including Sicilian lemon and bergamot. These citrusy top notes provide an initial freshness and vibrancy to the scent.

Heart Notes:

  • The heart of the fragrance is where the true character of Come La Luna emerges. It features a rich and complex blend of floral and oriental notes.
  • Jasmine and rose provide a delicate and romantic floral accord, adding a touch of femininity to the composition.
  • A warm and sensual spiciness is introduced with the inclusion of pink pepper, creating a subtle yet intriguing contrast to the floral notes.
  • Exotic and sweet ylang-ylang adds depth and richness to the heart, contributing to the oriental aspect of the fragrance.

Base Notes:

  • The base notes of Come La Luna are where the perfume takes on its seductive and long-lasting qualities.
  • Vanilla and amber create a warm and sweet foundation, enveloping the wearer in a cozy and comforting aroma.
  • Sensual musk and benzoin add depth and complexity, leaving a lingering trail of sophistication.
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