Bois 1920 Sensual Tuberose Limited Art Collection Unisex Eau De Parfum 100ml

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Bois 1920 is an Italian fragrance house known for its high-quality, artisanal perfumes. They often create unique and captivating scents, combining traditional and modern elements.

Fragrance Name: "Sensual Tuberose Limited Art Collection" suggests a fragrance that likely features tuberose as its dominant note, promising a sensual and artfully crafted experience.

Fragrance Notes: Perfumes typically consist of a combination of top, middle (heart), and base notes. These notes work together to create the overall scent profile. For a "Sensual Tuberose" fragrance, you might expect the following notes:

  • Top Notes: These are the initial scents that you'll detect when you first apply the perfume. In a tuberose-centered fragrance, you might find citrusy, fresh, or green notes to provide an inviting opening.
  • Middle (Heart) Notes: Tuberose would be the star of the show in the heart notes, as the name suggests. Tuberose is a rich, creamy, and heady floral note with a sensuous and exotic aroma.
  • Base Notes: These are the scents that become more prominent as the perfume dries down. For a sensual twist, you might expect warm, woody, or ambery base notes to balance the floral elements and provide longevity.

Unisex Appeal: The "Unisex" label indicates that this fragrance is intended for both men and women. Unisex scents often feature a balanced blend of notes that appeal to a wide range of preferences.

Limited Art Collection: The "Limited Art Collection" suggests that this perfume may come in special packaging or be part of a limited-edition release, making it more collectible and possibly more exclusive.

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