Hermetica Amberbee Unisex Eau De Parfum 100ml

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Hermetica is a brand known for its focus on natural ingredients and sustainability in perfumery. Their fragrances often blend synthetic molecules with natural essences, aiming to create scents that are both sophisticated and environmentally conscious.

The Amberbee fragrance might be expected to have notes reminiscent of amber and honey, given the name. Amber scents commonly incorporate warm and resinous tones, while honey notes can bring a touch of sweetness or depth to the fragrance.

Top Notes:

  • Citrus elements like bergamot or mandarin for a fresh opening
  • Possibly some green or herbal notes to add a touch of brightness

Heart Notes:

  • Amber accord: Rich, warm, and resinous notes giving depth and warmth to the fragrance
  • Honey or sweet notes: Providing a sweet, slightly floral or gourmand aspect to the scent profile
  • Possibly some floral tones like jasmine or rose to add complexity

Base Notes:

  • Woody or musky elements: Providing a solid base and enhancing longevity
  • Vanilla or benzoin might be included for a smooth, creamy finish
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Fragrance TypeEau de Parfum
93% of 100
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