Lanvin A Girl In Capri For Women Eau De Toilette 90ml

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Fragrance Notes: Perfume descriptions usually start with a list of the fragrance notes. These notes are categorized into three groups:

    • Top Notes: These are the scents you'll initially smell when you first apply the perfume. They tend to be light and fresh.
    • Heart Notes: These are the scents that become more noticeable after the top notes have evaporated. They represent the core of the fragrance.
    • Base Notes: These are the long-lasting scents that linger on your skin after the perfume has dried down. They are typically deeper and more complex.

The description typically includes words and phrases that evoke the mood, style, or emotion the fragrance is meant to convey. For instance, a perfume might be described as "fresh and vibrant," "sophisticated and elegant," or "sensual and alluring."

Bottle Design: Some perfume descriptions also mention the design of the bottle. The bottle design can be inspired by the fragrance's theme or the brand's aesthetics.

Inspiration: Perfume descriptions may include information about what inspired the creation of the scent. This could be a place, a person, a feeling, or a specific memory.


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Fragrance TypeEau de Toilette
83% of 100
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