Lanvin Les Notes De Lanvin Iii Orange Ambre For Women 100ml Hair Shampoo

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A shampoo infused with the scent of Orange Ambre typically aims to provide a luxurious and fragrant hair-washing experience. Here's what you might expect from such a product:

  • Scent Profile: Orange Ambre fragrances often combine the zesty, citrusy notes of oranges with warm, resinous amber. The shampoo might carry this aromatic blend, leaving a lingering scent on your hair after use.
  • Hair Care Properties: Apart from fragrance, the shampoo likely includes ingredients aimed at cleansing and nourishing hair. These might include gentle cleansing agents to remove dirt and excess oils without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Conditioning agents could also be present to leave your hair feeling soft and manageable.
  • Volume and Packaging: The product might come in a 100ml bottle, convenient for travel or everyday use. The packaging may reflect the brand's aesthetic, possibly elegant and sophisticated to align with Lanvin's style.
  • User Experience: Expect a sensory experience beyond just cleaning your hair; this shampoo might aim to offer a spa-like indulgence during your shower routine.


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Arabic Nameشامبو الشعر من لانفين ليه نوت دو لانفين أورانج أمبر
87% of 100
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