Pelican Horse Oil Unisex 80g Soap

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Main Ingredient - Horse Oil: Horse oil is sometimes used in skincare products due to its potential moisturizing properties. It is believed to be similar to human sebum, making it a popular choice for skin hydration.

Unisex Formula: The term "unisex" suggests that the soap is designed for both men and women, indicating a neutral or mild fragrance that appeals to a broad audience.

Soap Format: Given the term "soap," it's likely in a solid bar form. This can be convenient for use in the shower or bath.

Weight and Size: The soap is specified as 80g, indicating its weight. This is a standard size for a single bar of soap and is convenient for travel.

Packaging: The packaging may vary, but it would typically be a wrapper or a box that protects the soap.

Skincare Benefits: The soap may claim to offer various skincare benefits such as cleansing, moisturizing, and potentially addressing specific skin concerns. This can vary based on additional ingredients.

Usage Instructions: The packaging might include instructions on how to use the soap effectively for best results. This could include information on frequency of use, application, and any precautions.

Additional Ingredients: Besides horse oil, the soap may contain other ingredients such as glycerin, essential oils, or plant extracts that contribute to its overall skincare properties.

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