Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction (W) Set Edt 80ml + Deodorant 150ml

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"Blue Seduction for Women" is a fragrance created by Antonio Banderas, the renowned Spanish actor, and it is part of his fragrance line. This particular fragrance set includes two items: an 80ml Eau de Toilette (Edt) and a 150ml deodorant.

Eau de Toilette (Edt) 80ml:

Fragrance Notes: Blue Seduction for Women is characterized by its fresh and alluring scent. The fragrance features a blend of fruity, floral, and aquatic notes.

      • Top Notes: The top notes are typically the first scents you'll notice when you apply the fragrance. In Blue Seduction, these notes include fresh and fruity accords like bergamot, melon, and cassis.
      • Heart Notes: The heart notes develop as the fragrance settles, revealing a more complex aroma. In this fragrance, you'll find floral and aquatic notes like peony, jasmine, and water lily.
      • Base Notes: The base notes provide the lasting impression of the fragrance. In Blue Seduction, these notes are more sensual and warm, featuring cedarwood, sandalwood, and patchouli.

Scent Profile: Blue Seduction for Women is often described as a light and refreshing scent, making it suitable for everyday wear, especially in spring and summer. The combination of fruity and floral notes gives it a youthful and playful quality.

Deodorant 150ml: This set also includes a 150ml deodorant, which complements the Eau de Toilette. The deodorant features the same fragrance notes as the Edt, allowing you to layer the scent and maintain its freshness throughout the day.

Overall, "Blue Seduction for Women" by Antonio Banderas is a fragrance known for its versatility. It can be worn casually or on special occasions, and the addition of the deodorant in this set helps you maintain the fragrance's aroma while also providing underarm protection. It's a charming and youthful fragrance that captures the essence of a blue, refreshing, and seductive allure.

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