Billie Eilish Perfumes: Decoding Eilish EDP & Eilish 2

Billie Eilish Perfumes: Decoding Eilish EDP & Eilish 2.



Billie Eilish, is a renowned Grammy-winning singer-songwriter who decided to showcase her unique personality and style in the fragrance industry as well. These perfumes incorporate her personal preferences featuring seasonal variety with fresh floral, musky, or other unique blends in these fragrances. Billie Eilish perfumes include the trio of Eilish Eau De Parfum, Eilish No. 2  Eau De Parfum, Eilish No. 3 Eau De Parfum.


Even the design of the bottles is made of a modern aesthetic that looks sleek and elegant. The bottle carries unique design elements and visuals that resonate with her artistic style and identity. It makes the brand attractive in and of itself but let's talk about the fragrances in the collection.


So let’s look at the two highlights of the collection, Eilish Eau De Parfum and Eilish No.2 and their perfume notes.


Billie Eilish: Eilish Eau De Parfum (EDP)

Perfume Layering and Perfume Notes 


Described as an Amber Gourmand fragrance, Eilish Eau De Parfum is a perfume for women that is a classic scent while also being feminine and bold in its presence. The sweet aroma of vanilla is balanced and captivating with long lasting consistency. The perfume notes consist of the following:


Top Notes: The initial fragrance opening and applying the perfume is known as its top notes. These fragrances are at the top of the perfume layer pyramid, hence the initial impression of perfume is determined by them. Eilish EDP consists of the following fragrances in its top notes-

  • Sugared Petals: Sweetness of floral scents with added sugar creates a joyful and chic vibe to the fragrance.
  • Mandarin Oranges: The hint of fruity and citrus oranges gives it a zesty and burst of freshness when using the fragrance.
  • Red Berries: The fruity and intriguing fragrance of red berries creates yet another intriguing layer to the perfume notes.


Heart Notes: These are the fragrance notes that are the “heart” or main elements of a perfume. The centre in the pyramid of perfume layers. In most perfumes these notes are floral, herbal or woody depending on the fragrant family of the perfume. Eilish EDP consists of the following fragrances as its heart notes-

  • Vanilla: Sweet and sensual aroma with a significant fragrant presence in the perfume. The vanilla is balanced out with the other heart note fragrances but is still the centre of the perfume.
  • Spices: The spicy notes in Eilish EDP balance out the sweetness of Vanilla by not only contrasting but also adding a layer of intrigue to it.
  • Cocoa: The presence of cocoa adds a bitter undertone which is sensual due to the chocolaty presence that enhances the vanilla more.


Base Notes: The bottom of the perfume pyramid- high quantity and the ones that last the longest while enhancing the heart and top notes with their depth and comfort. Eilish EDP has very seductive and comforting base notes as follows-

  • Musk: A highly sought-after fragrance in the perfume industry, musk is a clean scent that gives perfumes a warmth and deep sensual effect unmatched by most fragrances. Musk is also another reason why the vanilla is enhanced and balanced out in this fragrance in its overall effects while also providing longevity.
  • Tonka Bean: The beans have a smoky and spicy undertone at the base that contrasts and balances the vanilla at heart.
  • Woods and Amber: Amber and woody fragrances enhance the vanilla and give it a more deep and comforting aroma just like musk, and as a base fragrance they also leave a warm and sensual effect.

When to wear Eilish EDP?

  • Best season: Suitable for all seasons of Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter
  • Best occasion: Versatile fragrance suitable for any and every occasion including everyday use.
  • Best time of day: Daytime or evening
  • Longevity of Eilish EDP: 7-8 hours before it becomes a skin scent.
  • Sillage of Eilish EDP: Moderate

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Billie Eilish Eilish No.2 Unisex Eau De Parfum 100ml

Perfume Layering and Perfume Notes

While the fragrance of Eilish EDP is largely targeting the feminine audience, the Eilish No. 2 is a perfume suitable for men, or more accurately unisex, in its fragrance. So as part of the Woody Floral fragrance family Eilish No.2 has much to offer to a wider range of audience with its unique and captivating aroma. The perfume notes consist of the following:


Top Notes- The initial burst of fragrance when you apply Eilish No.2 is zesty and refreshing with a hint of fruity sweetness that feels like a joy rush. Following ingredients comprise of the top notes fragrance in Eilish No. 2:

  • Italian Bergamot: A citrusy and fresh fragrance that leaves a hint of mischief in its trail
  • Apple Blossom: Fruity and elegant with a hint of floral undertones.


Heart Notes- The highlight and main constituent fragrance of the Eilish No.2, at the centre of its perfume pyramid is woody, floral and spicy in its fragrance with the following ingredients

  • Black Pepper: Hint of spicy fragrance that adds an adventure to the floral and woody fragrances at the heart.
  • Poppy Flowers: these floral accords are unique and delicate and create a sophisticated aroma.
  • Papyrus: Woody and earthy fragrance with a comfort depth that leaves a trail of intrigue.


Base Notes- The fragrance notes that stay on the skin even after the perfume fades, and blend all the notes together like a perfect bouquet or a meadow full of fragrances that leave your olfactory senses enthralled. Eilish No.2 consists of the following as base notes:

  • Ebony: Woody and earthy that simplifies the overall fragrance with elegance.
  • Skin Musk: Sensual, warm, deeply comforting and an enhancer for the other fragrance notes. It also increases the longevity of the fragrance even as a clean scent.
  • Palo Santo: Captivating and herbal in its effect on the overall fragrance as a base note.
  • Vanilla: A sweetening effect that blends with the floral, woody and musk notes as an enhancer and balancer.


When to wear Eilish No.2?

  • Best season: Fall and Winter
  • Best occasion: Special outings, though also suitable for everyday perfume
  • Best time of day: Evenings, though still suitable for mornings
  • Longevity: Similar to Eilish EDP, lasts about 8 or more hours before turning into skin scent
  • Sillage: High

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  • What does Billie Eilish perfume smell like?

The Eilish EDP can be described as a vanilla perfume with its sweet and musky fragrance that lingers in a perfect blend meanwhile Eilish No.2 is woody, floral and musky with deep and sensual effect.


  • Where to buy Billie Eilish perfume?

Billie Eilish fragrances are currently available in the US and internationally. You can purchase them from the official site, or at French Fragrance, where you can get the authentic Eilish perfumes. We have an abundant collection of the best perfume brands and fragrances. 


  • How much is the Billie Eilish perfume?

The Eilish perfume costs 60-80$ dollars, i.e, 200-300 AED.