Diptyque Oyedo Unisex Eau De Toilette 50ml

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Diptyque's "Oyedo" is a unisex Eau de Toilette fragrance known for its unique and refreshing scent profile. Here is a detailed description of Diptyque Oyedo Eau de Toilette in the 50ml size:

Fragrance Family: Citrus

  • Top Notes: Oyedo opens with a burst of zesty and invigorating citrus notes. You'll immediately notice the bright and uplifting scent of Japanese yuzu, which is the star of this fragrance. Yuzu is a citrus fruit native to East Asia and is known for its refreshing, lemony aroma. It sets the tone for the entire fragrance, creating a fresh and vibrant opening.
  • Heart Notes: As Oyedo settles, it reveals a subtle and harmonious blend of herbal and green notes. You may detect hints of thyme, green mandarin, and lavender. These notes add complexity to the scent, giving it a slightly herbaceous and aromatic character.
  • Base Notes: The fragrance evolves into its base notes, where you'll find a warm and woody foundation. Cedarwood and thyme continue to play a role, grounding the fragrance and adding depth. The dry-down is soft and elegant, leaving a lingering trace of citrus and woods on the skin.

Overall Impression: Diptyque Oyedo is a bright and refreshing fragrance that captures the essence of a Japanese citrus orchard. It's a unisex scent that is perfect for those who appreciate clean, citrusy fragrances with a touch of herbal sophistication. Oyedo is a versatile fragrance suitable for both casual and formal occasions, and its moderate longevity makes it ideal for daytime wear.

Packaging: Diptyque fragrances are renowned for their elegant and minimalist packaging. The 50ml bottle of Oyedo Eau de Toilette is likely to feature a clear glass bottle with a simple cylindrical shape. The label and cap will carry the distinctive Diptyque logo and branding, often with a clean and understated design.

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