Floris Rosa Centifolia Unisex 75ml Hand Cream

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Brand: Floris

Product Name: Rosa Centifolia Unisex Hand Cream

Size: 75ml

The 75ml size indicates it's a smaller, travel-friendly packaging, suitable for carrying in a purse or travel bag. The unisex designation suggests that the scent and formulation are designed to appeal to individuals of any gender, with a balanced and versatile fragrance profile.

Hydration: Moisturizing properties to keep hands soft and smooth.

Scent: A delicate and pleasant rose fragrance, possibly with hints of other complementary notes.

Ingredients: Likely enriched with nourishing elements such as shea butter, glycerin, or other botanical extracts for skin health.

Texture: Could range from a light, fast-absorbing formula to a richer, more emollient texture, depending on the specific product.

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