Air-val Disney Princess Cindrella Set Edp 100ml + Bl 200ml

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Disney Princess Cinderella Set: This is likely a fragrance and beauty set inspired by the Disney character Cinderella. It may include a perfume (Edp) and a body lotion (Bl) featuring Cinderella-themed packaging or fragrances associated with the character.

Edp 100ml: "Edp" stands for Eau de Parfum, which is a type of perfume with a moderate concentration of aromatic compounds, typically between 15% and 20%. The 100ml indicates the volume of the Eau de Parfum in the set, which is 100 milliliters. This is a standard size for a perfume bottle.

Bl 200ml: "Bl" likely stands for body lotion. It's common for fragrance gift sets to include a scented body lotion along with the perfume. The 200ml indicates that the body lotion in this set has a volume of 200 milliliters, which is a generous amount for a body lotion.

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