Air-val Disney Snow White Set Edp 100ml + Bl 200ml

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Brand: "Air-val" appears to be the brand or manufacturer of the product.

Disney Snow White: This suggests that the product is related to the Disney character Snow White, which is a well-known Disney princess.

Set: The inclusion of the word "Set" typically implies that this product contains multiple items or components. In this case, it might include a perfume (Edp 100ml) and a body lotion (Bl 200ml).

Edp 100ml: "Edp" stands for Eau de Parfum, which is a type of perfume that contains a higher concentration of fragrance oils compared to Eau de Toilette (Edt). "100ml" indicates the volume of the perfume, which is 100 milliliters.

Bl 200ml: "Bl" could stand for Body Lotion, which is often used to complement the fragrance of a perfume. "200ml" indicates the volume of the body lotion, which is 200 milliliters.

A typical set like this might include a Disney-themed perfume and a matching body lotion to enhance the scent and provide a longer-lasting fragrance experience. The Snow White theme likely means that the packaging and perhaps the fragrance itself are inspired by the character or story of Snow White.

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