Atelier Cologne Mini Candles Trio Set 3 X 70g (2 X Orange Toscana + 1 X Bois Montmartre)

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The Atelier Cologne Mini Candles Trio Set appears to be a collection of three miniature candles, each with a weight of 70 grams. The set includes two candles with the scent of "Orange Toscana" and one with the scent of "Bois Montmartre."

  • Orange Toscana: This candle likely features a fragrance inspired by the Tuscany region in Italy. It may have a citrusy and fresh aroma, possibly centered around the scent of oranges or other fruits found in the region. Expect a sunny and vibrant atmosphere when you burn this candle.
  • Bois Montmartre: "Bois Montmartre" suggests a woody scent reminiscent of Montmartre, a neighborhood in Paris known for its artistic and bohemian history. This candle may have warm, earthy, or woody notes, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance.
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