Atelier Des Ors Crepuscule Des Ames Unisex Eau De Parfum 100ml

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Atelier Des Ors Choeur Des Anges is a luxurious unisex Eau de Parfum known for its exquisite craftsmanship and unique blend of fragrances.

Fragrance Family: Crepuscule Des Ames is described as a unisex fragrance, meaning it is designed to be appealing to both men and women. It typically features a blend of notes that are not overly masculine or feminine.

Fragrance Notes: Crepuscule Des Ames likely features a complex composition of fragrance notes that create a unique olfactory experience. These notes may include a combination of top, middle, and base notes. Some typical notes found in Atelier Des Ors fragrances include:

    • Top Notes: Citrus, Bergamot, Mandarin, etc.
    • Middle Notes: Floral notes like Jasmine, Rose, Iris, and Spices.
    • Base Notes: Woods (such as Sandalwood or Cedarwood), Vanilla, Amber, etc.

Scent profile: Without specific information about the scent profile of Crepuscule Des Ames, we can make some general assumptions based on Atelier Des Ors' reputation for crafting luxurious fragrances. It's likely that this fragrance offers a sophisticated and harmonious blend of notes, resulting in a well-balanced and intriguing scent experience. The name "Twilight of Souls" suggests a certain depth and mystique, which may be reflected in the fragrance's composition.

Packaging: Atelier Des Ors is known for its attention to detail in both fragrance creation and packaging. The bottle and packaging for Crepuscule Des Ames may feature elegant and luxurious design elements, such as gold accents and high-quality materials, befitting a niche fragrance brand.

Longevity: Niche fragrances from Atelier Des Ors are often known for their longevity and sillage, meaning they can last for a significant amount of time on the skin and project a noticeable scent aura.

More Information
Arabic Nameعطر أتيليه دي أورس كريبوسكول دي أميس للجنسين - أو دي بارفان
Fragrance TypeEau de Parfum
BrandAtelier Des Ors
93% of 100
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