Bond No.9 New York New Bond St. Unisex Eau De Parfum 100ml

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Brand Overview - Bond No. 9: Bond No. 9 is a luxury fragrance house based in New York City, known for its collection of fragrances inspired by different neighborhoods and iconic locations in the city. Each Bond No. 9 fragrance is typically designed to capture the essence and personality of the specific location it's named after.

Unisex Fragrance: The term "Unisex" suggests that this fragrance is suitable for both men and women. Unisex fragrances often feature a balanced blend of notes that can be appreciated by people of all genders.

Eau de Parfum (EDP): Eau de Parfum is a type of fragrance concentration that typically contains a higher percentage of aromatic compounds (perfume oils) than Eau de Toilette (EDT) or Eau de Cologne (EDC). This means that EDP fragrances tend to be longer-lasting and have a more intense scent.

Volume: The "100ml" indicates the volume of the product, which is 100 milliliters. This is a standard size for many perfume bottles.

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