Bvlgari Pour Homme Eau De Toilette 100ml (New Packing)

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Bvlgari Pour Homme is a popular men's fragrance offered by the renowned Italian luxury brand Bvlgari. This Eau de Toilette (EDT) comes in a 100ml bottle and is known for its sophisticated and classic scent profile.

Fragrance Family:Bvlgari Pour Homme belongs to the Woody Floral Musk fragrance family. It combines elements from different scent categories to create a balanced and versatile aroma.

  • Top Notes:The fragrance opens with a fresh and citrusy burst of top notes. These notes typically include:
    • Bergamot: Providing a bright and uplifting citrus aroma.
    • Lavender: Adding a touch of herbal, aromatic sweetness.
    • Mandarin Orange: Contributing a zesty and slightly sweet citrus note.
    • Aldehydes: Enhancing the overall freshness and vibrancy of the opening.
  • Heart Notes:The heart of Bvlgari Pour Homme develops into a more floral and spicy bouquet. Common heart notes may include:
    • Nutmeg: Introducing a warm, spicy element.
    • Coriander: Adding an aromatic, slightly peppery quality.
    • Carnation: Bringing a subtle, spicy floral character.
    • Cardamom: Offering a hint of green, herbal spice.
  • Base Notes:The fragrance settles into a rich and masculine base with notes such as:
    • Sandalwood: Providing a creamy, woody depth.
    • Amber: Adding a warm, resinous sweetness.
    • Musk: Contributing a sensuous and long-lasting element.
    • Vetiver: Offering an earthy, smoky undertone.
    • Oakmoss: Lending a green and slightly mossy nuance.

Longevity:As an Eau de Toilette, Bvlgari Pour Homme offers moderate longevity, typically lasting for several hours. The projection is generally moderate, making it suitable for everyday use.

Occasion:This fragrance is versatile and can be worn for a range of occasions, including business meetings, casual outings, and formal events. Its classic and refined scent makes it appropriate for all seasons.

Packaging:Bvlgari is known for its luxurious and aesthetically pleasing packaging. The 100ml bottle of Bvlgari Pour Homme usually features a sleek, minimalist design with the Bvlgari logo and fragrance name prominently displayed.

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