Calvin Klein Ck In2u For Men Eau De Toilette 150ml

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CK In2U for Men is a popular fragrance from the iconic American fashion brand Calvin Klein. This Eau de Toilette is known for its modern, youthful, and energetic scent, making it a popular choice among young and stylish individuals.

Fragrance Family: CK In2U for Men belongs to the Aromatic Fougère fragrance family. It combines fresh and spicy notes with woody undertones.

  • Top Notes: The fragrance opens with fresh and zesty top notes that immediately capture your attention. These notes are typically the first to hit your senses after application and are known for their initial impact. In CK In2U for Men, the top notes include:
  • Lemon: The initial burst of citrusy lemon provides a vibrant and refreshing start.
  • Tomato Leaf: The inclusion of tomato leaf adds a unique and slightly green facet to the opening, making it intriguing and fresh.
  • Middle Notes: As the fragrance develops, you'll notice the heart or middle notes, which are responsible for the fragrance's core character. In CK In2U for Men, the middle notes consist of:
  • Cacao Pod: This note contributes a slightly sweet and warm aroma, adding depth to the fragrance.
  • Vetiver: Vetiver provides an earthy and green quality, balancing the sweetness of the cacao.
  • Base Notes: The base notes provide the foundation of the fragrance and are what lingers on your skin for an extended period. In CK In2U for Men, the base notes include:
  • White Cedar: White cedarwood offers a woody and slightly creamy texture, providing a masculine and robust base.
  • Allspice: Allspice adds a hint of spiciness, which complements the warmth of the cacao and vetiver.

Bottle Design: The bottle design for CK In2U for Men is typically sleek and modern, often featuring the iconic Calvin Klein branding. The design is minimalistic, reflecting the brand's clean and contemporary aesthetic.

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Fragrance TypeEau de Toilette
BrandCalvin Klein
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