Cartier Declaration Essence For Men Eau De Toilette 50ml

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"Cartier Declaration Essence for Men" is a popular fragrance from the renowned luxury brand Cartier. It is an Eau de Toilette, which means it is a type of perfume with a lower concentration of fragrance oils compared to Eau de Parfum, making it lighter and more suitable for daily wear.

Fragrance Family: Cartier Declaration Essence for Men falls into the woody and aromatic fragrance family. It's known for its fresh, clean, and sophisticated scent profile.

Key Notes: This fragrance is characterized by a harmonious blend of notes, including:

  • Bitter Orange: The fragrance opens with the zesty and invigorating scent of bitter orange, which gives it a fresh and citrusy top note.
  • Rosemary: The heart of the fragrance features rosemary, adding an herbal and aromatic twist.
  • Nutmeg: Nutmeg contributes a warm and slightly spicy nuance.
  • Cardamom: Cardamom offers a slightly sweet, spicy, and exotic touch.
  • Pepper: The base notes contain a subtle hint of pepper for a touch of spiciness.
  • Sandalwood: The dry down features sandalwood, which adds a creamy, woody depth to the fragrance.

Longevity and Sillage: Eau de Toilette fragrances typically have moderate longevity, meaning the scent will last for several hours, and the sillage is moderate. It's suitable for everyday wear, whether you're heading to the office or going out in the evening.

Bottle Design: Cartier is known for its exquisite and elegant bottle designs. The Declaration Essence for Men bottle is typically cylindrical with a transparent glass body, showcasing the pale amber liquid. It features the iconic Cartier emblem on the cap and a red ribbon accent.

Occasions: This fragrance is versatile and can be worn for various occasions. It's suitable for both casual and formal events. The fresh and aromatic notes make it an excellent choice for daytime wear, but the depth of the fragrance allows it to transition seamlessly into the evening.

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Arabic Nameكارتير ديكلاريشن إيسينس للرجال او دي تواليت
Fragrance TypeEau de Toilette
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