Cartier L'Envol De Cartier For Men Parfum 80ml

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"Cartier L'Envol De Cartier" is a men's perfume created by the renowned French luxury brand Cartier. This fragrance is known for its unique and sophisticated scent profile. L'Envol De Cartier typically falls into the category of woody and oriental fragrances.

  • Top Notes: The opening notes are often fresh and invigorating, designed to make a strong first impression. This could include notes like zesty citrus (such as lemon or bergamot) or aromatic spices.
  • Heart Notes: The heart or middle notes are where the true character of the fragrance emerges. Cartier's fragrances often feature notes like warm woods (perhaps cedarwood or guaiac wood), aromatic lavender, and sweet, resinous elements like honey or amber.
  • Base Notes: These notes are long-lasting and provide the foundation for the scent. In Cartier's fragrances, you might find deep and sensual base notes like patchouli, musk, and perhaps some oriental ingredients like benzoin or labdanum. These elements create a luxurious and lasting impression.

Occasion: The scent of L'Envol De Cartier is typically versatile and suitable for various occasions. Its refined and balanced scent profile makes it ideal for both formal and casual settings. Here are some occasions where you can wear it:

  • Formal Events: It's appropriate for formal events like weddings, black-tie galas, or business meetings.
  • Casual Wear: You can wear it daily as part of your signature scent.
  • Evening Out: The warm and sophisticated notes make it a great choice for a night out, whether it's a dinner date or a night on the town.

Longevity: The longevity of a fragrance can vary based on individual skin chemistry and environmental factors, but Cartier fragrances are generally known for their good longevity. "L'Envol De Cartier" should last for several hours on your skin. You may experience strong projection in the first few hours, followed by a milder, but still noticeable, scent throughout the day or evening. It's a fragrance that typically doesn't require frequent reapplication.

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Arabic Nameكارتير لينفول دي كارتير للرجال بارفيوم
Fragrance TypeParfum
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