Lanvin Marry Me For Women Eau De Parfum 75ml

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Fragrance Family: Lanvin Marry Me is generally classified as a floral fragrance, specifically a floral fruity scent.

Fragrance Notes: The specific fragrance notes in Lanvin Marry Me can vary by formulation and batch, but a typical composition might include:

Top Notes:

  • Orange Blossom: This note often provides a fresh, citrusy, and slightly sweet opening to the fragrance.
  • Peach: Contributing a fruity and slightly juicy aroma.

Heart Notes:

  • Jasmine: A classic floral note that adds a rich, white floral aroma to the fragrance.
  • Magnolia: Another white floral note that can provide a creamy and elegant dimension to the scent.
  • Rose: Adding a romantic and slightly sweet floral element.

Base Notes:

  • Amber: A warm and resinous note that anchors the fragrance.
  • Musk: Offering a subtle and sensual finish to the scent.

Lanvin Marry Me is generally characterized as a romantic and feminine fragrance. The combination of floral and fruity notes, with a touch of warm and sensuous base notes, makes it suitable for various occasions, particularly for romantic moments. The name "Marry Me" implies a sense of commitment and love, making this fragrance a popular choice for weddings and engagements.

The Eau de Parfum concentration typically means that the fragrance has a longer-lasting staying power compared to lighter formulations like Eau de Toilette. It's often recommended for evening wear or special occasions when you want your fragrance to last throughout the event.

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Fragrance TypeEau de Parfum
71% of 100
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