No. 4711 Acqua Colonia Starfruit & White Flowers Unisex Eau De Cologne 170ml

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Acqua Colonia is a fragrance line by 4711, a well-known German perfume and toiletries company. The "Starfruit & White Flowers" fragrance is a part of this collection and is designed to be a refreshing and unisex eau de cologne. Here's a general description:

  • Scent Profile: Starfruit & White Flowers is a light and uplifting fragrance that combines the tropical sweetness of starfruit with the delicate and floral notes of white flowers.
  • Top Notes: It typically starts with top notes that include the zesty and citrusy aroma of starfruit, providing a fresh and fruity opening.
  • Heart Notes: The heart of the fragrance often features the soft and floral accords of white flowers. These notes add a touch of elegance and femininity to the scent.
  • Base Notes: The fragrance may settle into base notes that offer a subtle and lingering hint of sweetness and warmth.

Unisex: This fragrance is designed to be unisex, meaning it can be worn by people of any gender.

Eau De Cologne: Eau de cologne is a type of fragrance with a lower concentration of aromatic compounds compared to perfumes. It is known for its light and refreshing scent, making it ideal for everyday wear, especially in warmer weather.

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Fragrance TypeEau de Cologne
BrandNo. 4711
80% of 100
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